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Fleet Program


Great Canadian Oil Change (Napanee) is proud to be a local business and loves working with other local businesses; especially when we can help them save money on maintaining their fleet of 5 or more vehicles through our Fleet Program.

Regular maintenance helps keep vehicles running smoothly and helps to identify service issues before they become major problems. Regular maintenance helps drive down repair costs and can help avert unnecessary downtime – breakdowns never schedule themselves and rarely do they happen at a time when it’s convenient for you!

How Will This Help My Business?

With our regular maintenance program you will:

  • Decrease the cost of repairs as minor issues are identified early and can be resolved through maintenance rather than replacement
  • Reduce your operating costs as regularly maintained vehicles are more fuel efficient
  • Reduce or eliminate lost productivity due to vehicle breakdowns requiring scheduling of service or repairs
  • Be able to schedule maintenance when it’s convenient for your business as we are open 8 am to 8 pm weekdays and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays

How Does It Affect My Vehicles Warranty?

Having your vehicles serviced at GCOC – Napanee does not affect your manufacturer’s warranty in any way. In many ways these services are exactly what your manufacturer recommends!

Each vehicle is unique and we follow closely the recommended maintenance program as outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer. These maintenance and service recommendations are often what are required to keep your vehicle compliant with your manufacturer’s warranty.

GCOC is happy to work closely with your preferred dealer or repair centre to provide them with any and all information regarding your maintenance and any issues we find during a regular vehicle inspection. Your vehicles consistent and reliable operation is extremely important to us and ensuring its safe and ongoing operation can only be achieved when we all work together in your best interests.

How Long Does It Take?

Our building is designed to make regular maintenance and inspections as fast and time-effective as possible. Your vehicle is driven in and immediately we get to work!

Our facility was built to allow your vehicle to be driven straight in and, when we’re done, it can drive straight out. There’s no need to raise your vehicle on a slow and cumbersome hoist as we’ve designed our facility to allow us to get under your car without lifting it up off the ground. Through this method we are able to do our well-planned and often repeated 21 point inspection in about 10 minutes!

We can do our job both thoroughly and efficiently faster than going to get a coffee through any busy drive thru! We even have coffee on-hand – really good coffee! – and we’d be happy to pour a cup for your driver even as we’re working on your vehicle!

What Can I Expect When I Join Your Fleet Program?

Your business is important to us and if you decide to join our Fleet Program you can expect:

  • Your vehicle and employees to be treated with the same respect and concern we show our own vehicles and our own team
  • That we will always be respectful and conscious of the time involved in performing our duties to ensure fast and consistent service
  • That we will NEVER do any type of service on your vehicle that is unnecessary or not recommended by your manufacturer

What Do You Need From Me To Get Started?

In order to enroll you in our Fleet Program we need you to:

  • Provide us with a list of your company vehicles and advise us of any changes to your fleet as you replace or add vehicles
  • Advise your employees that all service to your vehicles is to be provided by GCOC – Napanee
  • Trust us to follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals for your fluids and filters

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started With Your Fleet Program?

Give us a call and we’ll gladly get things set up for you. Once we have your fleet’s information and your contact information we’re ready to go – setting this up takes just as long as it takes to get your vehicles in and out of our facility: in about 10 minutes!

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